FREE Shipping to New England, New York & New Jersey!!

Shipping Info

FREE Shipping to New England, New York and New Jersey!!
See Map below for shipping outside those areas. 
Map of United States with shipping regions and rates

Prices for 6 pizzas + cost of shipping

Zone 1: $78 + Free Shipping
Zone 2: $78 + $12 
Zone 3: $78 + $68
Zone 4: $78 + $75
Zone 5: $78 + $90 


Pizzas are shipped Frozen, packed with dry ice. Please Keep Frozen until Ready to Bake.

Pizzas are Shipped on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How it Works:

1. Choose a total of 6 pizzas from the drop down menu.
2. We ship them directly to your door in an insulated box packed with dry ice.
3. Bake from Frozen and enjoy in about 20 minutes!