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As far back as we can remember, our dad  (Al) was making pizza. It would usually happen on a Sunday when the whole family (5 girls, mom and dad) would all be home. Small white bowls with all the toppings would be set on the counter next to a big bowl of pizza sauce and a sheet pan of rising dough. We all gathered around the kitchen island to put in our topping  requests. We distinctly remember the delicious smell that would fill the house as pizzas went in and out of the oven. This went on until everyone's requests had been filled and there were plenty of leftovers for the next day.

Cooking was never just a hobby for our dad. In the 1970’sAl Capone making pasta in the 70's he worked with our grandparents in their shop in the North End of Boston.  Al Capone Cheese Co. was one of the largest cheese shops in Boston, selling between 10 and 12 thousand lbs of cheese per week. They also sold European specialties, made sausage and hand rolled roasts in house.

 In 1985 our dad branched out on his own and opened Capone Foods, a retail store with a big kitchen space,  in Somerville MA.

Capone Foods Somerville Ma Storefront

It was here that he started making fresh pasta, filled frozen pastas, sauces and prepared meals. The wholesale and retail business grew year to year as he kept adding more products and was always working on something new. In 2010 he started making pizza dough using “00” flour that was imported from Naples, Italy. This dough was sold frozen and became a huge hit with our retail and wholesale customers.





After years of experimenting and tasting by us, he perfected our frozen pizza.  Just like everything else he made, these pizzas taste homemade. They do not taste like any frozen pizza we have ever had. 

Our frozen pizzas are available in our retail store in Somerville, MA, other specialty stores through out New England and now online! Making pizzas by hand at Capone Foods Somerville, MAIf you have questions about our pizza (or other products) please send us an email or call.  Most likely, my sister, dad or I will answer.  If you are in the Boston area, please come visit our store, Capone Foods in Union Sq. Somerville. 










Al Capone of Capone Foods Somerville, MA


We look forward to hearing from or seeing you!

Jennifer and Ashley Capone




Please visit our full website: www.caponefoods.com